Tofu BBQ

tofu bbq

Love tofu? You might want to try this healthy bbq recipe. It might be your first time to know that your favorite tofu can be turned into a delicious barbeque recipe. With this recipe, we will be using a grillpan instead of a traditional grilling. But we will season the tofu so it would taste like bbq.

Easy Filipino Style Carbonara

Easy Filipino Style Carbonara

We Filipinos are so good in making our own version of dishes. This Easy Filipino Style Carbonara is one of them. It doesn’t require too many ingredients and processes to get it done. One secret to making a delicious carbonara is to use bacon.

Chicken Menudo

chicken menudo

Chicken menudo is obviously the chicken version of the popular pork menudo. It’s definitely very easy and one delicious dish to prepare at home. It works perfectly for those who don’t eat pork. It’s time for you to know how to cook this at home.

Cocoa Pancakes

cocoa pancakes

You can make something new out of your ordinary pancake recipe to make it more enticing for the kids to eat. We will be adding cocoa for a healthier and tastier version. It’s definitely easy and not to complicated to prepare.

Pork with Coke

pork with Coke

Here’s another pork recipe that many of you will defintely like. It’s such a simple recipe but absolutely delicious. Imagine the taste of pork with the sweetness of coke along with the other spices. It doesn’t even require too many ingredients to get it done.

Sweet Chili Crabs

Sweet Chili Crabs

Wanted to give your same old steamed crab a different kind of taste? You can give this recipe a try. Sweet Chili Crabs as it is called will give your taste buds that sweet spicy taste which will definitely make you drool. And it’s surely very easy to prepare.