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VIRGINIA Breakfast of Champions (Luncheon Meat Fried Rice, Corned Beef, Pork n’ Beans and Egg)

Virginia breakfast

Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day. So it’s really important that we prepare something delicious in the morning. And for delicious and good quality breakfast products, we can count on Virginia. Here’s a quick and easy breakfast recipe for you. We call it Virginia Breakfast of Champions.

How to Cook Creamy Kalabasa Soup

creamy kalabasa soup

Since the rainy season has started, what’s better than learning how to cook a new soup recipe. You can add this creamy kalabasa soup recipe to your list. It’s very easy to prepare, delicious, and absolutely healthy.

4 Easy Fried Rice Recipes

fried rice recipes

We Filipinos love fried rice. Good thing we have thousands of ways to cook fried rice. We can add whatever we want to the rice to make it even more delicious. This time, let’s try 4 easy fried rice recipes.

Ensaladang Langka

Ensaladang Langka

Nothing is more appetizing than this Ensaladang Langka. This mouth watering appetizer will make you drool. Preparing this is just so easy. You can pair it with your any of you main dishes such as fried meat, fish, chicken, etc.

Ginataang Monggo with Langka at Dilis

Ginataang Monggo

This is one of the monggo recipes that you will certainly never forget. If you are looking for a healthy and delicious dish to prepare, Ginataang Monggo with Langka at Dilis is one of your best options. Instead of using pork, used dilis (anchovies) to make it less fatty. Here’s how to cook Ginataang Monggo with Langka at Dilis: Ingredients:

Tortang Talong with Beef Giniling (Eggplant Omelette with Ground Beef)

Tortang Talong with Beef Giniling

Tortang talong or eggplant omelette is probably one of the cheapest yet delicious dish that everyone loves. What more if you add some ground beef and cheese? This tortang talong with beef giniling will definitely will bring your tortang talong to the next level. Here’s how to cook Tortang Talong with Beef Giniling: Ingredients: 2 large sized Eggplant 250g ground