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How to Make Homemade Shawarma Beef Wrap

shawarma beef wrap

Craving for Shawarma Beef Wrap? Well, what if you can eat all you can at home? That’s right. You can learn how to make homemade shawarma beef wrap. It’s easy, and you don’t really have to spend much.

How to Cook Burger Steak with Cheese

Burger Steak with Cheese

Burger steak is many’s ultimate favorites. But what if we put a twist to it and make it cheesy? This Burger Steak with Cheese recipe will definitely become a hit for kids. The process is not that complicated too. Here’s how to cook Burger Steak with Cheese: Ingredients: 800g Ground Beef 1 cup Mushrooms 1 Egg 1 cup All-purpose Flour

How to Cook Bakareta


Looking for some special beef recipes? This bakareta should be added to your list. The process is simple, although it may require you several ingredients, it’s all worth it. It’s delicious and probably the star of any special occasion if you put this on the table.

How to Cook Karne Prita

karne prita

Karne prita is a beef dish that is very similar to tagalog bistek. It’s a marinated beef, cooked and topped with some onion rings. It’s definitely not a complicated dish to prepare but absolutely delicious.

NO BAKE Baked Macaroni

NO BAKE Baked Macaroni

You can definitely create a version of a baked mac without actually baking it. If you don’t have an oven at home, you can still enjoy this delicious macaroni recipe. It’s very easy to make and is perfect for any special occasion.

Creamy Beef with Mushrooms

Creamy Beef with Mushrooms

Here’s another delicious beef recipe that you can try at home. It only requires three main ingredients to get it done. A good quality beef briskets, mushrooms and cream of mushrooms. It’s not even that complicated to prepare.