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How to Make Kinilaw nga Balantiong nga May Gata (Karay-a Cooking)

Kinilaw nga Balantiong nga May Gata

Since it’s New Year, I wanted to create something new and different. I grew up as a Karay-a. So, I call this episode Karay-a cooking, since we will make one of the popular karay-a recipes. It is called “Kinilaw nga Balantiong nga May Gata”. It is basically raw fish, soaked and mixed with vinegar and other spices with coconut milk. It’s definitely mouth-watering and appetizing.

How to Make Bangus Tocino

bangus tocino

If you love tocino and bangus, this recipe is for you. You can enjoy your favorite tocino taste without the guilt. It’s very easy to prepare and definitely delicious.

Fish Siomai

fish siomai

Love to eat siomai but you don’t eat pork or chicken? You should give this Fish Siomai recipe a try. For this recipe, we will be using cream dory, but yes, you can use whatever fish you like. Knowing how to make siomai at home will not only satisfy your cravings, but it can also be a good business idea. For this one, we will be using Democrita’s Chili Garlic Sauce.

Shrimp Curry

shrimp curry

You might want this shrimp recipe a try. If you are looking for some mouthwatering seafood dish, this Shrimp Curry is one great option for you. The combination of the curry powder with coconut milk will entice your taste buds even more.

Sweet Chili Crabs

Sweet Chili Crabs

Wanted to give your same old steamed crab a different kind of taste? You can give this recipe a try. Sweet Chili Crabs as it is called will give your taste buds that sweet spicy taste which will definitely make you drool. And it’s surely very easy to prepare.

Ginataang Bagongon with Gabi

Ginataang Bagongon with Gabi

You definitely have tasted this before but you just don’t have much idea on how to prepare it. It’s time for you to know how to cook a delicious Ginataang Bagongon with Gabi. The combination of bagongon, coconut milk and gabi will definitely make you break your diet plans. The process is not that complicated, though you need to make sure that you prepare the bagongon right.