Espasol is one popular glutinous rice recipe. It has several versions, and it’s very easy to prepare. It would only require a lot of stirring and mixing in order to get the right thickness.

This recipe is the simplest of them all. Some may add other ingredients like coconut milke, ripe jackfruit and all. That would depend on which one you like.

Here’s how to cook Espasol:


3 cups of glutinous rice flour
400 ml of coconut milk
1.5 cup of brown sugar
154 ml evaporated milk (1 can)


1. Heat the pan and toast glutinous rice until it turns brownish. (set aside a portion for dusting)


2. In a saucepan, pour in the coconut milk, milk and sugar and bring to boil.

3. Pour in toasted glutinous rice flour and mix well. A lot of mixing is required. You can add more water if mixture becomes too dry.

4. Wait until the mixture thickens. Remove from heat and set aside to cool down.

5. Roll over the mixture in a dusted(with the toasted glutinous flour) board. For easy kneading, divide it into two parts.

6. Cut it to your desired sizes. Sprinkle more toasted toasted glutinous flour).

Ready and Enjoy!

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Note from Delish:

I made this menu to help those who are looking for the best Halloween recipe to cook. In the Philippines, it’s a tradition to prepare recipes made of glutinous rice. And espasol is one of the best and easiest option to prepare.

The only challenge that you might encounter is how to achieve the perfect thickness. it’s important that you follow the proper measurements, to avoid it to become too dry or too wet. When toasted the glutinous rice flour, set to low heat and constant stirring is needed.

If you have any questions and suggestions. Drop me a message.

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