Pork and Seafood Siomai

Pork and Seafood Siomai

Chinese New Year is coming. Pork and Seafood Siomai is in for that celebration. This is a simple and very easy Chinese recipe that you can prepare at home. The combination of pork, shrimp and crab will make you crave for it even more.

Here’s how to cook Pork and Seafood Siomai:


250g ground pork
150g crab meat (shredded)
200g shrimp (chopped)
1 pack molo wrapper
1 large sized carrots (finely chopped)
1 medium sized onion (chopped)
5 cloves garlic (chopped)
1 stalk of green onions (finely chopped)
1 tsp finely chopped ginger
1 tbsp fish sauce
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp oyster sauce
1 egg


1. In a large bowl, combine ground pork, shrimp and crab. Mix well.

2. Add in the carrots, garlic, onions and chopped green onions.

3. Drop in the ginger, fish sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce and egg. Mix thoroughly.


Pork and Seafood Siomai

1. Place the molo wrapper flat on your palm. Scoop a tablespoon full of the mixture, and put it on the center of the wrapper. Start folding in a circular direction. Add more mixture if needed.

2. Then place it between your thumb and your fore finger for the final touch. Continuously pressing it in a circular motion.

4. Prepare your steamer. Brush some oil to avoid siomai from sticking in the pan. Place siomai wraps, putting good spaces in between. Cook for about 10 minutes.

Ready and Serve!

Note from Delish:

I received a message about preparing something for the Chinese New Year celebration. So I decided to prepare siomai. And since I love seafood, I prepared this pork and seafood siomai. The thing is, we still need to add some pork to make the siomai tasty. The oil coming from the pork blends well. For this one, I just used a simple steamer, placing a baking sheet brushed with oil. But using a bamboo steamer would be awesome.

For the sauce/dip, you can combine soy sauce, a drop of sesame oil, calamansi, chopped chili and salt.

Watch how to cook Pork and Seafood Siomai here: