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How to Make Tuna Pie using Sliced Bread for 100-Peso Budget

tuna pie using sliced bread

Are you craving for some tuna pie? Why don’t you try making it at home? With only 100 peso budget, you and your family can enjoy your favorite tuna pie. Instead of making and kneading your own dough, we’re going to use sliced bread.

How to Cook Sweet and Sour Eggs

Sweet and Sour Eggs

There are just tons of ways to cook an egg. What if we try something new and bring this wonderful egg to the next level? Instead of using meat or fish, let’s use eggs to make this delicious Sweet and Sour Eggs recipe.

Corned Beef Burger Steak

Corned Beef Burger Steak

Yes, you read the name of the recipe right. It’s corned beef turned into your favorite burger steak. It’s easier to prepare, delicious and obviously cheaper since we were only be using the canned corned beef. We also going to add some potatoes and cheese for extra texture and flavor.