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How to Make Espasol

espasol recipe

Are you planning to prepare some kakanin at home but you think most of them are so hard to prepare? Try this easy 4-ingredients espasol recipe. Make sure to add this to your menu list.

Pork with Pineapple

pork with pineapple

Here’s another simple pork recipe that you’d surely love most especially if you love pineapple. This pork with pineapple recipe will give you that salty, sour and sweet flavors that will make your drool. It would even take less than an hour to prepare.

Pork in Sweet Chili Sauce

pork in sweet chili sauce

We always wanted to cook something delicious yet it doesn’t take much of our time. Or it doesn’re require too many ingredients to get it done. Well, this Pork in Sweet Chili Sauce recipe is one of your best options.

Mongolian Beef

Mongolian Beef

Looking for some sweet and flavorful beef recipe? Then Mongolian Beef should be added to your menu list. It’s sauce combination is what make it savory beef dish. Serve it with hot bowl of rice and you’ll definitely ask for more.

Chicken Afritada with Mushrooms

Chicken Afritada with Mushrooms

Chicken afritada is one popular chicken recipe that most of us love. This time, let’s make more delicious version, adding some whole mushrooms on it. Chicken Afritada with Mushrooms is definitely worth a try and it would only take you a few minutes to prepare. Here’s how to cook Chicken Afritada with Mushrooms: Ingredients: 500g Chicken (any part of your

Pancake Pizza

pancake pizza

Do you want to eat pizza but you just don’t have enough time

to make your own dough? Then why don’t you try using your

favorite pancake? This Pancake Pizza is a great combination

of your two favorite food, pancake and pizza.