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Papaya with Sardines in Tomato Sauce

Papaya with Sardines

Looking for some less expensive and less fatty dish to prepare? You might want to try this very simple Papaya with Sardines recipe. Many Filipinos can definitely relate to this kind of dish.

Simple Pork Stew

Pork Stew

If you don’t have much time to prepare a delicious recipe at home, you might want to consider this Simple Pork Stew.

Beef and Cheese Nachos

cheesy beef nachos

Want to level up your snack time? Why don’t you try preparing your own Beef and Cheese Nachos? It’s very easy to prepare. You don’t have to spend big bucks just to enjoy your cheesy nachos. It would only take minutes and you’ll have them on the plate, almost unlimited.

Minatamis na Saging (Sweetened Bananas)

Minatamis na Saging

Minatamis na saging or sweetened plantain bananas is one of the most popular and favorite dessert in the country. It’s very easy to prepare and such a healthy dessert. You can make tons of it at home, put them in a jar and refrigerate so you’ll have your dessert in an instant. 

Beefy Garlic Burger Steak

Beefy Garlic Burger Steak

This version of burger steak is beefy and with lots and lots of garlic. So if you are one of those who love garlic, this recipe is for you.

Chicken with Pineapple

Chicken with Pineapple

If you love pineapple that much, you will surely love this recipe. You can even add some chili flakes to add some spicy kick. It’s also great to use fresh pineapple than the canned ones for a natural and healthy option.