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Mongolian Beef

Mongolian Beef

Looking for some sweet and flavorful beef recipe? Then Mongolian Beef should be added to your menu list. It’s sauce combination is what make it savory beef dish. Serve it with hot bowl of rice and you’ll definitely ask for more.

Gourmet Tuyo

gourmet tuyo

Here’s one recipe idea that will give you business opportunity. It’s time to learn how to make gourmet tuyo at home.

Adobong Kangkong with Bagoong at Gata

Adobong Kangkong

You can prepare a mouthwatering dish out of kangkong. This is not your typical adobong kangkong since we will be adding some bagoong and coconut milk. I grew up eating this kangkong recipe. I only used the stalks and used kangkong leaves in other dishes like sinigang. In the Visayas, we normally use gata or coconut milk to our dishes.

Easy Homemade Japanese Siomai

Do you want to enjoy Japanese siomai at home? You can enjoy siomai all you want if you start learning how make it. Instead of using the traditional siomai wrapper, we will be using nori seaweed wrapper to add more taste to our pork siomai. Very easy to make and it can also be a good business option.

Tuna Alfredo Rigatoni

Tuna Alfredo Rigatoni

Looking for some easy, delicious and less fatty pasta recipe? This Tuna Alfredo Rigatoni should be added on your list. Using canned tuna flakes in oil is definitely a healthier option. This recipe also used rigatoni pasta. It is very easy to prepare. Perfect for any special occasion.

Hasa Hasa Fish Balls and Fish Balls Sauce Recipe

Hasa hasa fish balls

If you are not a fan of buying frozen fish balls, then you can definitely make some at home. It’s not that complicated to make, you can even use whatever fish you want. For this one, let’s use hasa hasa fish.