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Easy Turon Recipe

turon recipe

Looking for some delicious and healthy snacks for your family? You definitely want this turon recipe a try. Turon is one popular snack in the country. Very easy since you’ll only need few ingredients to get it done. Here’s how to cook turon: Ingredients: 6 pcs Banana (saba) (cut into strips) 3/4 cups Brown Sugar Lumpia Wrapper Cooking Oil (3

Pork with Pineapple

pork with pineapple

Here’s another simple pork recipe that you’d surely love most especially if you love pineapple. This pork with pineapple recipe will give you that salty, sour and sweet flavors that will make your drool. It would even take less than an hour to prepare.

Fast and Easy Pancake Recipe

fast and easy pancake recipe

Making pan cakes in the morning should not be hassle. It wouldn’t even take much of your time. You and your family will have a delicious pancake for breakfast. Pair it with eggs and a hot cup of coffee and that should do it. It’s time to learn how to make Fast and Easy Pancake.

Pork in Sweet Chili Sauce

pork in sweet chili sauce

We always wanted to cook something delicious yet it doesn’t take much of our time. Or it doesn’re require too many ingredients to get it done. Well, this Pork in Sweet Chili Sauce recipe is one of your best options.

Chili Garlic Shrimp

Chili garlic Shrimp

We can’t deny it, chili garlic and shrimp absolutely go along well together. So this Chili Garlic Shrimp recipe is sure a hit.

Spanish Sardines Pasta

Spanish Sardines Pasta

You should give this a try. Using spanish sardines for spaghetti is definitely one of a kind. This may not something you can prepare for kids, but Spanish Sardines Pasta surely get you drooling. The spanish sardines oil, with a bot of spicy will bring your appetite to the next level. Serve it with some buttered toasted bread.