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Pork Pancit Canton

Pancit Canton

Here’s one simple Pork Pancit Canton recipe that you can prepare for your family this weekend.

Laswa (Ilonggo Dish)

laswa recipe

If you are Ilonggo, you are definitely one of those people who are craving for this. Locally called Laswa, it’s a mixture of all kinds of vegetables. Adding shrimps to it will make even tastier. Very easy and very healthy recipe to prepare especially during this rainy season.

Native Chicken Tinola (Bisaya nga Manok Tinola) | Ilonggo Recipe

Native Chicken Tinola

No one would say no to this recipe. If you are from the Visayas, eating bisaya na manok (native chicken) is definitely not new to you. Unlike other variety of chicken, native chicken is known to be more flavorful and delicious. Here’s one recipe that you can prepare, and it’s in time for the rainy season. Here’s how to cook

Beef with Mushrooms

Beef with Mushrooms

This is one easy beef recipe that you can prepare for your family. It does not requires too much process or ingredients to get done. You can either use fresh, dried or canned mushrooms for this. This time, I used dried mushrooms to get more mushroom flavor.

Homemade Filipino Style Skinless Longganisa

Homemade Filipino Style Skinless Longganisa

Longaniza is an original Spanish sausage. Yet we Filipinos always create our own version of it. This Homemade Filipino Style Skinless Longganisa is one of the thousands versions of it. It’s very easy to prepare. You can even prepare it at night and you’ll have your delicious longganisa breakfast in the morning. You can store it and it will last for weeks.