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No Bake Milo Muffins

No Bake Milo Muffins

What if you can make easy yet delicious chocolate muffins at home even if you don’t have an oven? That sounds like a good deal. This No Bake Milo Muffins is what you want to try. Using your favorite Milo powdered drink, you can create delicious and soft muffins. And it isn’t expensive. Here’s how to make No Bake Milo

Homemade No Bake Pan Lasagna (Filipino Style)

no bake lasagna

Craving for lasagna? Well, you should know they aren’t cheap when you buy them outside. However, Homemade No Bake Pan Lasagna might be something that you want to learn making at home. If you don’t have oven, no problem. You can still make your own delicious lasagna at home. This Homemade No Bake Pan Lasagna is a Filipino version that