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Galunggong Sweet and Sour Patties

Here’s one sweet and sour recipe that you might want to add to your recipe list. We will be using the ever popular galunggong fish to make this. It’s certainly easy and you can bring the galunggong to the next level. You can even serve this on any special occasion at home.

Shrimps with Salted Egg

Shrimps with Salted Egg

You wanted to bring your favorite seafood to a different level? You should give this Shrimps with Salted Egg a try. It’s definitely tastier and will make your taste buds crave for it more. It’s very easy and simple to cook. It would only take your 15-20 minutes to get it done.

Egg Noodles with Sardines

Egg Noodles with Sardines

Here’s another egg noodles that you can try at home. You don’t need expensive ingredients to get it done. We will be using canned sardines on tomato sauce and some vegetables to get it done, easy cheap but it’s absolutely tasty.

Tofu Sisig

tofu sisig

Do you want to eat pork sisig but you also want to cut your fat intake? Then you should give this Tofu Sisig recipe a try. It’s definitely healthy, but will still give you that meaty sisig taste. You’ll have a guilt-free sisig in just minutes. You will never regret trying out this dish.

Homemade Taho

homemade taho

It’s time to learn how to make your own taho at home. You don’t have to wait for the vendor to shout “tahooo” just to satisfy your cravings. With this homemade version of taho, we will only be using soy milk and a bit of gelatin powder to recreate it. Although the actual process of making soya requires grinding of soy beans etc., this one requires less process and faster preparation.

Native Chicken Tinola (Bisaya nga Manok Tinola) | Ilonggo Recipe

Native Chicken Tinola

No one would say no to this recipe. If you are from the Visayas, eating bisaya na manok (native chicken) is definitely not new to you. Unlike other variety of chicken, native chicken is known to be more flavorful and delicious. Here’s one recipe that you can prepare, and it’s in time for the rainy season. Here’s how to cook