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Potato Strings

potato strings

Here’s a great and healthy potato snack you can make at home. Instead of buying processed and preserved potato strings, you can make them fresh at home.

How to Cook Potato Eggs

potato egg

Here’s one unique potato and egg recipe that you can try at home. It can be a perfect snack for the family. It’s a complete snack since you’ve got carbo from the potato and protein from the egg. This is such a great new recipe to learn.

Easy Creamy Mashed Potato

Creamy Mashed Potato

When was the last time you’ve tasted a creamy delicious mashed potato? Don’t worry, with this Creamy Mashed Potato, you don’t have to dine out anymore just to eat your favorite mashed potato. It is very easy and fast to prepare. Here’s how to cook Creamy Mashed Potato: Ingredients: 2 large sized patatoes (cut into cubes with equal sizes) 1