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Easy Turon Recipe

turon recipe

Looking for some delicious and healthy snacks for your family? You definitely want this turon recipe a try. Turon is one popular snack in the country. Very easy since you’ll only need few ingredients to get it done. Here’s how to cook turon: Ingredients: 6 pcs Banana (saba) (cut into strips) 3/4 cups Brown Sugar Lumpia Wrapper Cooking Oil (3

Homemade Crispy Potato Fries (Fast Food Style)

french fries

Do you have a kid who always crave for fries? And you end up buying from fast food chains every day? Well, what you try to learn how to cook delicious and crispy potato fries at home? It’s definitely easy, and surely a healthy option for you and your family.

Ginataang Bilo-Bilo with Langka

Ginataang Bilo-Bilo with Langka

I know you’ve already missed this. Ginataang Bilo-Bilo with Langka is one of the most loved snack-dessert.

Hasa Hasa Fish Balls and Fish Balls Sauce Recipe

Hasa hasa fish balls

If you are not a fan of buying frozen fish balls, then you can definitely make some at home. It’s not that complicated to make, you can even use whatever fish you want. For this one, let’s use hasa hasa fish.

Homemade Beef Tacos

Homemade Beef Tacos

Got some time for some snack with the family? Here’s an easy beef tacos recipe you can try. You can just buy ready to use taco shells from the grocery. Put everything in, and you’ll family will enjoy this delicious recipe.

Easy Mac and Cheese Recipe

Mac and Cheese

This is an easy and a simple mac and cheese recipe. You can prepare this fast and easy. Kids love cheese and this is one recipe that you can prepare at home that they would surely love. Here’s how to cook Easy Mac and Cheese Recipe: Ingredients: 400g Elbow Macaroni 1 cup Cheddar Cheese (shredded) 1 cup Classic Cheese (shredded)